Autumn Child

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Autumn Child


Track Listing

1. Sullivan's John (Pecker Dunne)

2. Courting Is A Pleasure

3. Galway Girl (Steve Earle)

4. Down The Road/ McHughes/ Mist Covered Mountains (Junior Creehan)

5. Almost Every Circumstance (Colm Sands)/ New Rigged Ship

6. The Evictions (Pat Gallagher)

7. Sonny's Dream (Ron Hynes)

8. The Piper's Lament (Tony Dugan)/ Hector The Hero (James Scott  Skinner)

9. Sally Brown

10. Jimmy Ward's (Jimmy Ward)/ Stan Chapman's (Jerry Holland)/ Drummond Castle

11. The Mountain Road

12. Autumn Child (Brendan O'Regan)/ The Road To Lisdoonvarna/   O'Keefe's Slide

13. Twa Recruiting Sergeants

14. Astols Rokeri (Anna Massie)/ Mingulay Boat Song(High S. Roberton)

15. Piper To The End (Mark Knopfler)

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