Banish Misfortune - CD

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Banish Misfortune - CD


Track Listing

1. Old Hag You Have Killed Me/ Banish Misfortune/ The Pipe On The Hob
2. Horo, Johnny/ The Wee Man From Skye (Donald MacLeod)
3. Arthur McBride/ Scarce O' Tatties
4. Both Sides The Tweed (Dick Gaughan)
5. Old Maid In The Garrett/ Sean Ryan's/ Bonny Kate
6. All For Me Grog/ Merrily Danced The Quaker's Wife
7. Lord Mayo/ O'Carolan's Welcome (Turloch O'Carolan)
8. The Auld Triangle (Dominic Behan)
9. Whelan's/ The Athol Highlanders
10. The Nightingale
11. Follow Me Up To Carlow/ The Rakes Of Kildare/ The Tenpenny Bit
12. Paddy, Now Won't You Be Easy/ A Fig For A Kiss/ The Choice Wife
13. On The Banks Of Red Roses
14. Home, Boys, Home
15. Westering Home

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